Tom Cruise Quarantined on Cruise Ship

The 7th Mission Impossible film is continuing its production, with a unique set being selected for the Spy-Drama-Thriller. Mission Impossible Seven’s crew have begun filming in Norway, picking a cruise ship for housing & social distancing. It’s not surprising that MI7 had resumed production faster than most films, with their filming halted in February 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic overtook Italy. Production wouldn’t continue in Italy for the MI7 crew, citing concerns over the coronavirus. Norway was selected for its lowered rate of infections & large landmass that can evoke social distancing.

Before entering Norway, the Mission Impossible Seven crew completed scenes meant for Italy in the United Kingdom. The Møre og Romsdal District was selected for Norway’s filming schedule, with this area supporting glacier waterfalls & coastal mountains. It’ll create scenic filming opportunities for M17.

Sky Dance Media, the production house that’s financially supporting MI7, confirmed that two cruise ships had been charted to accommodate the crew & cast of Mission Impossible Seven. The two vessels selected include the MS Fridtjof & MS Versteralen, costing Sky Dance Media roughly $1.5 Million. It marks one of the highest housing costs that SDM has paid for & shows how movie sets have changed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It should be mentioned that Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt) is spending $700,000.00 of the housing costs.

TruNorth is supplying Sky Dance Media with the MS Fridtjof & MS Versteralen. Both vessels maintain a contemporary indoor interior that focuses on warm colours, with the MS Fridtjof offering two restaurants. It’s the MS Versteralen that provides speciality services for visitors & will likely house more valuable staffers. Below are the available amenities with MS Versteralen.

  • Panorama Lounge
  • 24/7 Café
  • Restaurant
  • Bar & Club
  • Retail Shop
  • Fitness Room
  • Car Deck
  • Ship-Wide Lounges
  • Rotating Weekly Entertainment

It’s not known how long that Sky Dance Media will rent the MS Versteralen & MS Fridtjof. Production on Mission Impossible Seven is expected to conclude by October 30th, 2020. The extensive cost behind this prolonged rental is become thousands of employed personnel require housing, with hotels & resorts closing their doors throughout Norway until the COVID-19 pandemic has concluded.