The Sailing Regatta’s for January

The 2020 Season for International Sailing is beginning, two events taking place on opposite ends of the world. The 1st is the Caribbean Regatta, which is held by the Barbados Sailing Club throughout January 18th to 21st. This event will comprise of multiple vessels, including windsurfers and racing yachts. This extends to kite surfers, cruisers, paddleboards and dinghies. However, most will come to the Caribbean Regatta for the “Final Round Barbados Race”.

The event organizer for the Caribbean Regatta noted that multiple aspects of this race had been altered. Events will be held on the coast, allowing for them to be visible from various beaches. The length of these races has been shorted as well, meaning that bigger boats with more significant fuel consumption would have a notable advantage. The final round will be raced in a counter-clockwise motion around Barbados, lasting for sixty nautical miles. It’s estimated that the record time of ten hours could be beaten in the coming weeks. Multiple other records could be broken at the Caribbean Regatta as well. It should be noted that this is the first new course is more than fifty years.

Whoever enters this race could see themselves winning the most prized trophy in International Sailing. The Mount Gay-Rum Extra Old Trophy could be awarded to any yachting team that defeats the ten-hour run-time. Nobody has beaten this record since 1936, with sailing critics determining that it won’t be won in 2020.

The Melbourne Regatta

The second sailing event is the Sail Melbourne International Regatta, which has twenty-five countries participating in the coastal waters of Australia. This event is held between January 17th and 21st, with the starting-point being Port Phillip in Melbourne. Three hundred competitors will travel the coast in multiple races, competing for various championships. Those include the 2020 Kite Foiling Championship, The Laser Oceania Championship, the 2020 Australia Para-Sailing Championship and the International 505-Class Championship.

The Sail Melbourne International Regatta offers competitors the “Laser Standard & Radial Events”, which will have the most significant number of ships competing at the same time. The Laser Standard and Laser Radial extend into February, with the 1st event taking place on the 9th to 16th. The Radial begins on February 21st to the 28th. Some of the most notable athletes in international sailing are competing in the Melbourne events. This includes Marti Bouwmeester, Matt Wearn, Sam Meech, Nick Thompson and Tom Burton. It should be noted that all of these individuals have competed for the Olympics in their respective countries, with the most notable being Nick Thompson.