Planning Meals for Sailing Season

Eating right is one of the key factors for any sport, even the ones that don’t really demand as much physically. With sailing, there’s a lot of physical work involved, making the nutrition you get in a critical part to perform at your best. We’ve all heard that workouts are the most important and you […]

Why it’s Worth Getting a Drone for Sailing

Over the last few years, drones have become increasingly popular and highly advanced to provide just about anyone with the opportunity to explore anything from the skies. These are now being used more and more with sports of all types, including everything from motocross through to kitesurfing. The latest technology allows the drone to remain […]

World’s Fastest Sailboats

The adrenaline of sailboat racing is addictive, especially with a team working together and achieving new speeds. However, it’s not all about the team either, but also the boat and the equipment used. Of course, it all works together, allowing the team to reach for new goals and records as they cross the finish line […]

Incredible Sailing Locations in Indonesia

Bali is a magnificent holiday destination, and no one can deny it. However, with more than 18,000 islands, there are loads of other mind-blowing places to explore while visiting Indonesia, providing authentic cultural encounters and unspoiled island scenery. Indonesia is also known for adventure cruises and liveaboard with places like Raja Ampat and Komodo which […]

Different Types of Boats

A boat is essentially a small vessel that is specifically designed to navigate in inland waterways or near-shore areas. Although there’s an extremely thin line between a boat and a ship, there are several differences setting them apart. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the different types of boats used across […]

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