Seram – The Mother Island

Seram (formerly Ceram) is an island in the Maluku province of Indonesia. It is located north of Ambon Island. The main port/town is Masohi. Seram is traversed by a central mountain range, the highest point of which, Mount Binaiya, is covered with dense rain forests. Most central Moluccans consider Seram to be their original ancestral […]

Saparua (Lease) Island

Saparua is a small island east of Ambon. It takes two hours by ferry from Tulehu (Ambon) to Haria, the main harbour of Saparua. There are also speedboats going up and down, it takes less time but it is less comfortable. This renowned Maluku could not be taken irrespective of the role of the cluster […]

General Information

Accomodation You could reseved your room hotel via Sail Maluku Committee with no fees. The Hotel in Ambon which recommended: Swissbell Hotel, Hotel Marina, Tirta Kencana Hotel, Hotel Mutiara, Hotel Imperial, Hotel Grand Soya. Please send the reservation to our email at :   Tour and Travel Agents There are some Tour and Travel […]

Banda – The Underwater Heaven

Once sought by Columbus and Marco Polo, the Banda Islands were the original Spice Islands and the most coveted destination on earth, particularly by the Dutch and Portuguese who colonized the islands and exported the indigenous nutmeg and cloves. History tells of a violent past under colonial rule. Now, the seas around these tropical paradise […]

Discovery Ambon

Ambon is the capital of Maluku province. Together with North Maluku province, they are better known to Europeans as The Moluccas. The islands had been of interest to spice traders from as early as the 1st century, and later became known as The Spice Islands, due to the cloves, nutmeg, mace and cinnamon which grow […]

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