No Sail Order Extended by CDC

The Centre for Disease Control confirmed that their “No Sail Order” for Cruise Liners in the United States has extended towards Mid-July. This has numerous companies embracing the profit losses coming throughout the summer, which is their most profitable period. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant issue for corporations operating Cruise Liners. Research Notes from Wells Fargo noted that Carnival, the most active and profitable company in this industry, was losing $1 Billion monthly in profits. Stocks for the three most notable Cruise Companies have depleted by 60%, with those valuations not expected to rise until the pandemic has concluded. Norwegian Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean Cruises are expected to request bailouts from the American Government. It’s unknown if they’ll receive approval.

Throughout June to August, Cruise Operators are providing significant packages for high rates. That’s because it’s the best time to experience the ocean. Executives with these companies had hoped they’d be able to offer lower-priced packages this summer, which would’ve been required with consumers concerned for their safety and finances. The perfect deal would have to be provided for serious consideration. Those deals won’t be possible moving forward, with the CDCs extension on the No Sail Order. Half the season’s profits are lost with the closure until Mid-July.

The Centre for Disease Control & Prevention announced that three scenarios would allow these orders to be lifted. Those include the Public Health Emergency Declaration expiring, which requires the approval of Health & Human Services. The second scenario consists of the CDC Director rescinding that order, who expressed won’t be happening. The third scenario is the order being lifted in a 100 days, meaning cruise liners won’t be permitted to sail American waters or leave US Ports until July 20th. It’s expected that Cruise Operators in America will now extend their operational suspension until July 20th, 2020.

It should be mentioned that 100+ Cruise Ships are located in international waters, with roughly eighty thousand crew members onboard. The chances of infection to spread amongst these Cruise Ships is significant. This extends towards twenty cruise ships anchored in the United States, with their crew members forced to remain on board until the pandemic is concluded.