New Models from the 2020 Miami Yacht Show

Sailing enthusiasts have been greeted with dozens of new models at the 2020 Miami Yacht Show. There’s one model that’s stolen the show, with that being the Palm Beach GT60. It’s manufactured at 19.5 metres, with the design being entirely crafted by Mark Richards. Individuals wanting to purchase the GT60 receive 40 knots of power, which is benefited with a semi-displacement hull and carbon fibre structure. It allows for efficiency and performance to be optimised.

Consumers receive substantial speed with the Twin Volvo IPS 1350, which is praised for consuming a minimal of 75 Gallons Per-hour. This level of consumption is available when maintaining 35 Knots, with this speed-factor allowing for owners to travel from the Bahamas and Miami in under five-hours. That trip can be 10% faster when implementing the full 40 knots of power, with regular outings consuming 50% of available fuel reserves. When it applies to the provided accommodations, owners are greeted with a VIP and Master Stateroom.

There are entertaining options, which includes a sunroof and wet bar. This extends to a swimming pool and on-suite cabins for children. Entire families can be supported with a superyacht of this magnitude. All of these elements were displayed at the 2020 Miami Yacht Show, with Palm Beach Yachts expressing they’ve received nine orders since the GT60s unveiling. This is substantial when accounting for the considerable price tag that exceeds $2,000,000.00.

The Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Palm Beach Yachts spoke to reporters at the 2020 Miami Venue. He expressed that the GT60 compiles years of educational growth for Palm Beach engineers, with this model being an absolute dream. Mark Richards mentioned that it took twelve months to manufacturer this vessel to completion, with engineering staff working countless hours of overtime.

Richards claims that the GT60 outperforms its previous incarnation, the GT50. Purchasing customers can expect twice the horsepower. Guests were showcased this power at the Biscayne Bay – Sea Isle Marina. Enthusiasts behind this brand noticed the immediate similarities to the GT50 and Palm Beach 70, which came in 2019 and 2018 respectively. It’s expected consumers won’t receive any updates regarding this vessel until the 2020 Ford Lauderdale International Boat Show.

The 206 Amels Superyacht

The Palm Beach Yacht Company was one of many who showcased their latest models. The Amels Boating Corporation showcased their limited edition model, which is named the Amel 206 Superyacht. It’s listed at 62.5 metres, making it one of the most extended and prominent yachting vessels at the 2020 Miami Venue. Details regarding its fuel consumption, power capabilities and pricing weren’t provided with their unveiling.