Navy Patrol Boats Arrive in Ukraine

The United States Defence Department announced to Members of Congress that they’d be providing $125 million worth of military assistance for Ukraine. This will include Armed Patrol Boats throughout Ukrainian-owned oceans. Before this assistance can be provided to the Ukrainian people, the American Congress has the right to review the aide and potentially deny the $125 in taxpayer funds. Most government analysts believe this won’t happen on any level, with Congress having already approved upwards of $250 for Ukrainian Security Assistance. The review of the congressional aide is merely a formal condition under American legislation.

The assistance package primarily applies on the Naval level, with Ukraine being aided through Counter-Artillery Radars & Mark VI Patrol Boats. The naval presence follows after Russian Military has increased tensions through the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea, with both bordering Ukraine. Pentagon Lieutenant Corporal Carla Gleason provided remarks regarding this congressional aid. She expressed that the Department of Defense doesn’t have an official statement, merely noting that Congress is reviewing assistance packages.

The Russian and Ukrainian people have been at odds for the last two years. It follows after Military and Government officials in Russia allowed for three Ukrainian naval boats to be captures. Twenty-four Ukrainian soldiers/citizens were held for torture, with Russia demanding state secrets for their lives. Most of these men were terminated, which prompted Ukraine to receive assistance for America. The Ukraine Security Initiative was created, with the Trump Administration often going back on their word and refusing to provide the initial security assistance. Donald Trumps refusal to act prompted the House of Representative to impeach the president, though he remains in office.

The Impeachment

The Trump Administration illegally blocked all forms of security aide for the Ukrainian People. Donald demanded that security aide wouldn’t be provided until the government officials with Ukraine began an investigation on Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. Donald Trump committed these actions in hopes to defeat his political rival. However, the president repeatedly claimed that these allegations were false and that the Biden’s had become best friends with the Ukrainian Kiev. Eventually, the illegal actions of Donald Trump would be acquitted by the Senate.