MSC Cruises Removes Intolerant Family for Breaking Protocol

August 18th marked the date when sailing passengers were barred from cruising, which comes after unnamed individuals were found breaking COVID-19 protocols. MSC Cruises announced that their return to sailing on August 16th in the Mediterranean Sea, marking the first cruising corporation to restart operations worldwide. MSC Cruises was similarly forced into cancelling their vacation packages & unable to accept passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Depleting profits forced MSC Cruises to return earlier than expected, with the Mediterranean Sea being an exclusive sailing location amid the pandemic. MSC Cruises hasn’t been permitted to sail elsewhere, including international waters. Their first vacation on the Mediterranean Sea occurred on August 16th, with passengers being barred two-days-later. A family was removed from the MSC Grandiosa at Genoa in Italy. This was the 2nd stop of several made through Italy during the vacation, showing how effective MSC Cruises has become in enforcing protocols.

These unnamed family members were travelling Genoa on a ship-managed shore excursion when the tour leader saw the family leave designated areas & explore the city on their terms. Separating from excursion groups is substantially breaking MSC COVID-19 protocols, which demand that passengers stay in their small group & maintain social distancing to ensure there isn’t an on-ship outbreak. All guests staying with MSC Cruises have been informed of these measures upon their arrival, with additional posters located across the ship to re-enforce safety measures. Zero tolerance is being permitted for those breaking protocol.

Family Left Abandoned in Genoa, Italy.

Representatives with MSC Cruises released a formal statement on the incident. It was revealed that the Captain of MSC Grandiosa determined that enforcing health & safety protocols is of the utmost importance. Representatives noted that the Captain had an obligation to ensure the wellbeing & health of thousands on-board.

It’s unknown what happened with this family that broke COVID-19 protocols. These individuals would’ve been forced to remain in Genoa, Italy. Locating a flight outside Italy & back to their home nation will be challenging. All remaining guests on the MSC Grandiosa were informed that a family of passengers had been removed from the vessel for breaking Health & Safety measures. This announcement was made to re-enforce the fact that zero tolerance of protocols is being permitted.