Italy Capsizes during America Cup Training

This week provided unexpected headlines for supporters of international sailing. It was revealed that the Emirates New Zealand Team had capsized their newly purchased AC75. Shortly after it was noted that Luna Rossa from Italy had also overturned their vessel before the 36th America’s Cup. Unlike New Zealand, the Italians couldn’t save their AC75 and lost it to the ocean. This happened while training for the America’s Cup on the Marina di Capitana Coast. None of those sailing received injuries, with crewmen jumping into the warm waters in search of gear.

These individuals unhinged the sails and mast before their vessel sunk to the ocean floor. After realizing that their boat had been lost, the blow-up dinghy was deployed, and these sailors returned to Marina di Capitana. It’s unknown if Luna Rossa will purchase a new AC75 Vessel before America’s World Cup Series on April 23rd. Those interested in viewing these upcoming races, which conclude on April 26th, can expect multiple challenging nationalities. This will include sailors from Italy, Great Britain, the USA, Malta and the Netherlands. All competitors were required to pay the associated entrance fee before November 30th.

International Youth Sailing

While the adult sailors with Luna Rossa experienced a horrendous day of sailing, young international teams experience perfect waters elsewhere. The Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club competed in the Perth Regatta. These young sailors experienced this watercourse for the 1st time, with sharp times and fast straights for them to work around. Beginning at the Perth Docks, these sailors made their way to Swan River without any delays. Individuals associated with the RFB Yacht Club expressed that the winds were perfect, allowing them to push harder than competitors. It’s a critical point for this team, that now moves forward to the 3rd round of the Perth Regatta. Considering that these waters are historically unpredictable, it’s shocking that these young adults hadn’t experienced any inconsistencies throughout their sail.

It should be noted that multiple other youth sailing clubs in Australia, England and Germany competed in the Perth Regatta. They experienced the perfect sea breeze as well, with RFB having a slight lead when the weather improved. Some of the most intense racing battles of their young lives occurred on these waters and will surely be a moment never forgotten. It also would’ve acted like the perfect training session, providing them more familiarity with their vessels. It’ll be interesting to see what happens going into the 3rd round.