HAL Cruises Postpones Operations Until December 15th

December 15th will mark the date when “Holland America Line Cruises” will hopefully return to operations. This cruise line had previously hoped to resume sailing by August 31st, with additional delays ensuing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Holland America cannot risk an outbreak on their vessels, bringing an onslaught of financial losses that’d lead towards their cruise line entering bankruptcy. This forced the executives of Holland America to terminate all departures until December 15th, 2020.

Affected Locations

Holland America Lines detailed which cruising locations have lost their departures. Most of these locations were selected because their respective governments have terminated port access, extending towards the overall postponement of international travel. Holland America hadn’t any other choice. Below are the affected locations:

  • Asia Itineraries
  • South America
  • South Pacific
  • Mexico
  • Pacific Coastal
  • Panama
  • Caribbean
  • Australia
  • Hawaii
  • Antarctica

Impacted Travellers

Future Cruise Credits are being provided to travellers that booked vacations with Holland America Lines. The valuation of these credits outweighs what guests initially paid, with $0.25 awarded with every dollar spent booking this vacation. Vacationers spending thousands will receive hundreds in return. Similar measures are being enacted for Cruise Deposits, which pay for their meals & drinks sustained during the vacation. Those that’ve paid their Cruise Deposits will obtain double the valuation. Some spend $2,000.00 or more to maintain Michelin Star Dining. Collectively, the funds earned from booking the vacation & making deposits will provide travellers ample returns following the postponement of sailing until December 15th.

Holland America Lines is allowing guests to receive a 100% refund if the promotional offering doesn’t sustain their liking. Media Personnel with Holland America also clarified that “Travel Advisor Commissions” are being honoured until sailing is resumed in specific locations. It’s known that departures from Canada will continue in Late 2020, with Hawaii permitting Holland America to dock at their ports in Early 2021.

It’s not surprising that Holland America Lines confirmed that they’re postponing sailing until December 15th, 2020. Competitive brands announced their respective extensions onto cruising postponements. That included Seabourn & P&O Cruises. All three brands have cited the COVID-19 pandemic for the cause of delay.