Georgia Government Facing Backlash from Sailors

The United States Boat Owners Association confirmed that they’d sent letters to Georgia State Officials. Those who are connected to this association include 500,000 sailors in America. Their concern is the restrictions that have been placed in Georgia waters, which was implemented by Brain Kemp and is already affecting the tourism industry. This follows after the Georgia Governor created legislation that requires sailors to anchor one thousand feet from any public or private structure. This extends to docks, bridges, wharves, pilings and piers. The only exception comes with marinas, which cost upwards of $150.00 to $300.00 nightly to dock. This legislation is incredibly prohibitive for the sixteen thousand association members. The Boat Owners Association clarified in their letter than this law going directly against public trust doctrines, which enable for general anchoring across Georgia.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources was behind this uncalled for legislation, requires that state lawmakers create a new bill that enforced better protection of local waters. It prompted the House Bill 201, which was approved by the governor less than several days after its creation. New rules created by the GDNR weren’t supposed to be this limited, as it breaks recent legislation enacted by previous governors.

Sailors & Businesses Concerned

Significant concerns are now growing amongst all American sailors, who often used Georgian waters to avoid substantial storms. The Intracoastal Waterway was created in association with the Georgian routes, meaning that sailors will be forced to anchor is locations that are determined unsafe. It’s expected that the $500 million made yearly through travelling sailors will deplete by 25% the 1st year and 60% by the 2nd. Unless Brain Kemp reverses these laws, taxes will be increased, and an entire industry will be lost.

Fishing and Boating is the second largest industry that’s operational in Georgia. Eliminating capabilities to anchor is standard locations will force sailors to locate to neighbouring states. Numerous small-based companies operating in this sector are requesting that this legislation be reversed. Homeowners located on Georgia waterways have created their respective shipping yards for travellers, acting like a sailors Airbnb. These individuals will be subjected to substantial losses going forward. Brain Kemp hasn’t been available for comment and is infamous for not reversing his policies.