European Union Makes Demands to Cruise Industry

The European Union has introduced guidance Measures for the Cruising Industry. These are recommendations for corporations like Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Designers of these measures hope that corporations will implement their recommendations, which ensure the safety & survival of onboard passengers. There’s a substantial chance that the European Union’s Guidance Measures won’t be enacted, with each corporation providing the capabilities to Approve or Decline these recommendations.

Policies listed in the Guidance Measures are conventional with suggestions made by Medical Experts worldwide. Cruise liners are recommended to have 24/7 radio transmission with National Guards during their voyages, allowing for prompt responses during an outbreak scenario. These militarized forces would swiftly provide corporations like Royal Caribbean & Carnival Cruises with the necessities needed to sustain the outbreak, then decontaminate the vessel from COVID-19 with various sanitation methods.

It’ll be shocking if Cruise Liners ignore the Guidance Measures, with the European Union offering their assistance during Ship-Wide outbreaks. Significant costs associated with handling an outbreak has financially destroyed these companies, meaning it’s beneficial to accept these conditions. For all the funds saved through their compliance with the European Union, profits will be lost under conditions listed with EU Guidance Measures.

Social Distancing Requirements

The European Union is demanding that companies maintaining summer vacations on cruise lines implement the “Gradual Approach Protocol”. This means that Cruise Lines couldn’t sail for durations longer than several nights, with their visits to European ports having to be limited. The capacity of onboard guests would also be limited, ensuring that social distancing in enacted through the ship. The European Union Guidance Measures recommend that Cruise Lines accept 50% of their standard occupancy. Profits are cut by more than half under these conditions.

Onboard Crewmate is being limited under the European Union Guidance Measures. This imposes another challenge onto companies accepting these conditions. Cleaning passenger rooms, providing food services, maintain facilities onboard, and showcasing entertainment venues will become considerably harder for companies like Royal Caribbean. Especially when accounting for the 1.5 Metre Clause with EUs Guidance Measures. Half the standard passengers seen in onboard facilities & entertainment venues must be cut by 50%. The excitement behind these venues is immediately limited.