Costa Atlantica’s COVID-19 Outbreak

The novel coronavirus has infected millions worldwide, with a marginal percentage of these confirmed cases being on cruise ships. New numbers are being confirmed every day from various cruise liners worldwide, with the most recent coming from Costa Cruises. PR Reps announced that fourteen crew members aboard the Costa Atlantica had inquired COVID-19, with this vessel having a contained outbreak. Forty-Eight Members of the Costa Atlantica are confirmed with the novel coronavirus. This ship will remain docked in Nagasaki, Japan until their outbreak had concluded.

Japanese authorities have implemented an investigation into the coronavirus outbreak aboard the Costa Atlantica. These individuals are puzzled to how the virus infected this vessel, with the Nagasaki Port having minimal infection numbers. Investigators first questioned if one of the Italian-born crewmembers had inquired the virus back home, with answers revealing that Costa Atlantica hadn’t docked in Italy since before COVID-19. It’s now believed that one of the employees with the Mitsubishi Nagasaki Docking Repair Station had transferred this virus over. It’d make the most sense, with MNDRS providing all necessary repairs to the Atlantica.

Those forty-seven crewmembers abroad the Costa Atlantica have been sectioned off to a closed area of the ship. Those individuals with minor symptoms will remain in these sanctioned quarters unless their deemed essential. Crewmembers that begin displaying severe symptoms will be transported to the Nagasaki Hospital – Coronavirus Wing. One individual already disembarked after showing severe symptoms, where he immediately received ventilator and antibiotics from the Nagasaki Hospital.

The virus will Continue.

PR Representatives with Costa Cruises expressed that the Atlantica has 623 crewmembers from 36 different nations. These representatives urged that they contained the outbreak quickly with only 48 being infected. Costa Atlantica’s Capitan hopes that new infections won’t be confirmed by next week. This’ll be challenging, with essential crewmembers with the virus still traversing the Costa Atlantica. These include cooks and specialized attendants, which’ll most likely continue the infections across the Atlantica.

Law Enforcement in Nagasaki is boarding the Costa Atlantica by April 28th. They’ll determine the seriousness of their outbreak, questioning if this Costa Cruises vessel can leave the Nagasaki Port. It’s suspected that Nagasaki officials will release their findings by April 30th.