CDC Updates No-Sail Order to November

The Centre of Disease Control announced two hours before the No-Sail Order became removed that it’d be extended until 12 am on October 31st. This essentially means that cruise lines can’t become operational until November 1st in the United States of America. It’s a notable disappointment for corporations like Disney Cruises, Royal Caribbean, or Carnival. The anticipation of operation on October 1st saw multiple ships prepare for their first cruises by purchasing fuel, food, alcohol, facemasks, and hand sanitizer.

The CDC announced an extension two-hours before operational status means purchased items cannot be returns, causing for millions of dollars to be lost collectively. It’s an evident malicious act from the American CDC, which has continued to receive consistent criticism from cruise operators. It should be mentioned that the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention has continued extending the No-Sail Order since March 2020, with the initial order arriving in February 2020.

Extensions would’ve been increased if the CDCs latest request was approved, which wants the No-Sail Order implemented until February 15th of 2021. The White House Task Force denied the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention, with Trump’s Administration wanting the order lifted by November 1st to account for the elections of November 3rd. This reasoning was cited from an unknown White House Official, with clarification of that individual not being revealed after the WHTF was pressed by USA Today. Considering that President Donald Trump contracted COVID-19 on October 2nd, it’s unlikely that the CDC will comply with White House demands. Since the CDC is an international organization, demands from the American Government can be ignored.

Cruise Industry Backlash

The Cruise Lines International Association released a formal statement regarding the extension, stating that they’ve engaged in productive & thoughtful dialogue with the United States Centre of Disease Control. The VP of CLIA clarified that strategic communications had created hope that cruise lines will return to operation for November 1st. However, considering November marks the beginning of colder weather in America, it’s unlikely that cruise operators will receive an influx of tourist attention until the following spring in 2021. There’s always the possibility that another No-Sail Order could be implemented before the peak cruising season.