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Barclays Advises Investors to Purchase Cruise Stocks

The Securities & Exchange Commission is known to regularly fine Barclays for financial crimes that include money laundering, and the well-known LIBOR Scandal. Questionable investment advice has been issued by Barclays, which is recommending retail investors purchase stocks with cruise liners like the Royal Caribbean & Carnival Co. On paper, the concept of purchasing cruise […]

2020 Victoria – Maui International Yacht Race Cancelled

Another cancellation in the sailing community was announced. The 2020 Victoria – Maui International Yacht Race has been terminated for this season. Expected to start on July 13th to 16th, organizers were forced to cancel following the Covid-19 Pandemic. It would’ve been hosted by the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, with additional assistance from the Lahaina […]

Navy Patrol Boats Arrive in Ukraine

The United States Defence Department announced to Members of Congress that they’d be providing $125 million worth of military assistance for Ukraine. This will include Armed Patrol Boats throughout Ukrainian-owned oceans. Before this assistance can be provided to the Ukrainian people, the American Congress has the right to review the aide and potentially deny the […]

Georgia Government Facing Backlash from Sailors

The United States Boat Owners Association confirmed that they’d sent letters to Georgia State Officials. Those who are connected to this association include 500,000 sailors in America. Their concern is the restrictions that have been placed in Georgia waters, which was implemented by Brain Kemp and is already affecting the tourism industry. This follows after […]

Italy Capsizes during America Cup Training

This week provided unexpected headlines for supporters of international sailing. It was revealed that the Emirates New Zealand Team had capsized their newly purchased AC75. Shortly after it was noted that Luna Rossa from Italy had also overturned their vessel before the 36th America’s Cup. Unlike New Zealand, the Italians couldn’t save their AC75 and […]

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