Carnival Cruises Postpones Sailing Till February 2021

Dedication towards resuming operations was issued to consumers by Carnival Cruises for months, with those promises eliminated following increases infections of coronavirus. PR Representatives with Carnival Cruises confirmed on December 4th that the operational status of their fleet remains postponed until February 2021. Internationally speaking, coronavirus infections are increasing into the winter months & Carnival Cruises cannot sustain the financial losses associated with potential outbreaks.

President of Carnival Cruise Lines issued formal apologies to investors, which emphasised that thoughtful & deliberate approaches towards the pandemic are required before operations are resumed in 2021. President Christine Duffy informed investors that commitment towards the health & safety of tourists to crewmembers is critical. Protection applies towards communal regions in the Caribbean that host Carnival Cruises for excursion purposes. By postponing operations until February 2021, the safety of those three groups is guaranteed.

Cancellation of operations was implemented at Carnival’s three major ports in America. Port Canaveral, Galveston, and Miami won’t launch any ships until greenlighted by Carnival. The date provided to investors goes against guarantees made in November, which promised that voyages would resume by January 31st. That timeframe has increased by thirty days, giving the earliest date of March 1st for operational resumption. It means that Carnival Cruises won’t have sailed for twelve months.

The Postponements

Mentioned numerous times in previous news cycles, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused drastic implications on financial revenue earned by brands like Carnival Cruises & Royal Caribbean. Lost finances followed after the CDCs No Sail Order didn’t end until October 2020, with the “Framework for Conditional Sailing” being implemented in November. Now all vessels must receive approval before resuming operations. CDC Personnel has taken this tourism industry seriously after learning three thousand confirmed cases were sustained on Cruise Ships in 2020.

Another unfortunate announcement made by Carnival Cruises was that their latest vessel, “Carnival’s Mardi Gras” is postponed from her maiden voyage until April 24th. It’ll mean that the boat hasn’t seen oceanic waters after twelve months of being completed.