Carnival Cruises Opens Six Ships for Bookings

Changes in the cruising industry are happening daily during the COVID-19 pandemic. Corporations like Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival Corporation Ltd have to readjust their plans daily. The most recent change to scheduling comes from Carnival Cruises, with the company updating their website to offer six cruising options for November 2020. Potential passengers have begun purchasing packages to stay on one of the six ships being offered, with returns being provided if cancellations are admitted.

Cruising likely won’t be safe until a COVID-19 vaccine is released, prompting substantial concern to why Carnival is offering tourism packages. Similar issues that were seen between February & March would likely unfold again in November. A small percentage of passengers would likely be infected with COVID-19, as reports from available cruises in the Mediterranean suggest that cruise lines are accurately testing for the virus. Subsequently, an outbreak would occur & enforce a secondary lockdown of multiple ships.

The Ambassador for Carnival Corporation Ltd, John Heald, posted a Facebook Video to thousands of consumers. Hope for a November 2020 return to sailing was expressed by the Ambassador, noting that their website has been updated with adherence to the US Centre of Disease Control No-Sail Order. This order remains effective until October 31st.

It should be mentioned that Carnival Corporation Ltd has permitted its subsidiary line, Costa Cruises in Italy, back to regular sailing. This comes after Costa Cruises had kept their ships idling for five months in Italian Waters. Carnival Corporation Ltd was prompted into allowing Costa Cruises to resume sailing after the Mediterranean Shipping Company allowed their respective brand to enter operations again. MCS Cruises began sailing the “MSC Grandiosa” on August 17th.
Carnival’s announced cruise ships include the following:

  • Carnival Sunrise – Departing from Port Miami, Florida.
  • Carnival Horizon – Departing from Port Miami, Florida.
  • Carnival Conquest – Departing from Port Miami, Florida.
  • Carnival Breeze – Departing from Port Canaveral, Florida.
  • Carnival Elation – Departing from Port Canaveral, Florida.
  • Carnival Liberty – Departing from Port Canaveral, Florida.

Safety Concerns Amid COVID-19

This potential scenario hasn’t deterred Carnival Cruises from updating their website, with quarterly profits being worth more than the lives of their customers. This is consistent with regularly reporters of passengers falling overboard, and cruise ships not performing Search & Rescues. Setting awareness is highly recommended when attending a cruise ship, with alcohol and drugs often playing a factor on these vessels.