Carnival Cruise Bookings Surge by 600%

There have been countless horror stories regarding standard cruise ships amidst the novel coronavirus. With each of these vessels experiencing their respective outbreaks of COVID-19, prompting a significant level of online hatred towards these companies when it was announced they’d return to sailing by Summer 2020. The 1st to announce their return was Carnival Cruise Lines, which stated their latest date on restarting operations in August. They’ll have their vessels located throughout Texas, Miami, Mexico, and Florida leave their docks. Suspected sailing routes include vacations between the Bahamas and Cozumel.

Executives with Carnival Cruise Lines quickly found the Royal Caribbean Cruises overshadowed their announced return to operations. RCC confirmed they’d begin sailing in international waters by June 1st, avoiding demands made by the Centre of Disease Control. These demands invoke that cruise lines cannot start sailing until July 31st, which operators like Norwegian Cruise Lines plan to abide. Royal Caribbean will instead un-dock their vessels in locations like Mexico and the Caribbean, picking up select consumers in states that permit cruise lines to dock.

This would mean that these states would also be breaking legislation enacted by the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention. Their No Sail Order was implemented to ensure that passengers wouldn’t force an outbreak of the virus, which happened numerous times over the last three months with cruise ships. Most of these outbreaks weren’t reported to avoid public backlash and potential lawsuits.

Safety Protocols

There are numerous challenges associated with companies like Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, and NCL restarting their sailing operations. These corporations will be forced to implement social distancing measures if an outbreak is to be avoided. This means there’d be limited guests allowed in public pools, clubs meant for dancing wouldn’t be allowed more than 25 people at once, and concerts would have to be cancelled. Large percentages of the entertainment value associated with cruising are inevitably going to be lost with operators like Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Carnival Cruise Lines claimed their working with the Centre of Disease Control, with this being a blatant lie as the invoked no sailing order isn’t being abided. Those close to Carnival have expressed that social distancing measures haven’t been planned and that conventional sailing protocols will be enforced. Except there to be an influx of outbreaks with vessels under the Carnival Cruise Lines branding.