Carnival Corporation Scrapping Costa Victoria

The Carnival Corporation, a successful and global cruise line operator, has announced it will be retiring one of its fleet earmarking it for the scrap heap. The ship in question, the Costa Victoria, served the company well providing 23 years of service after its debut in 1996.

However, as a result of a drop in business relating to the pandemic that is having sweeping impacts on the cruise industry, the company opted to decommission the Victoria. In addition to the Costa Victoria, the Carnival Corporation announced that it anticipates removing several other vessels within its fleet. While Carnival failed to identify which ships would be impacted, the identity of the Costa Victoria became news after the mayor of Piombino, a seaside community in Italy, announced on its Facebook page that the Costa Victoria has arrived in the town and was slated for demolition.

Francesco Ferrari, the mayor in question, stated that he had welcome the Costa Victoria’s captain on Tuesday to the city and celebrated the impact the demolition would have on the cities economic recovery. The Costa Victoria was halfway through a voyage when the pandemic hit. At 827 feet in length, the vessel docked in Civitavecchia, Italy, on 25th of March where its passengers disembarked and entered quarantine. During the voyage, one of its passengers tested positive for the virus and was disembarked in Greece. Additionally, another passenger from Australia on the ship passed away after returning home.

Recent Press Releases Announces Removal of Vessels from Fleet

In a recent press release, Carnival announced while providing a financial summary on its second quarter that the company expects to remove six vessels from its fleet in the next few months with hopes those ships will be sold to smaller cruise line operators.

The statement said; “The company already has preliminary agreements for the disposal of six ships which are expected to leave the fleet in the next 90 days and is currently working toward additional agreements,”

The report also discussed the impact economically it was experiencing as a result of the large number of cancelled cruises adding, “The pause in guest operations is continuing to have material negative impacts on all aspects of the company’s business. The longer the pause in guest operations continues the greater the impact on the company’s liquidity and financial position.”