Birka Cruises Shuts Down Amid COVID-19

We’ve discussed diligently how the novel coronavirus pandemic is inflicting financial burdens onto all operators in the cruising industry. Largescale operators like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and Norwegian have sustained their losses by reserve funds & other methods of earning profits during a pandemic. Smaller cruise lines haven’t been permitted this profitable opportunity, with another company announcing their departure from the cruising industry.

This follows after Birka Cruises confirmed they’re shutting down on July 3rd. Financial pressures for the Sweden-headquartered corporation were challenging to overcome throughout nearly four months. Profits weren’t sustained after sailing ports worldwide informed cruise lines that they’re barred from docking in their region. Hundreds of vessels were seen anchored across the Pacific, Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Australian Coastline. Birka Cruises saw their lineup of ships have to face similar conditions throughout the Baltic Ocean, meaning operations costs were still in-effect while zero profits were sustained. This combination prompted their foreclosure & then shut down.

The Birka Cruises Website provided a formal statement to their loyal travellers. It was remarked that the COVID-19 Pandemic created financial burdens that couldn’t be overcome, and that concerns regarding international travel until 2024 forced them to re-evaluate their business operations. It was then collectively decided that shutting down their operations won’t guarantee minimal fallout.

Most aren’t aware of Birka Cruises, which is a small-scale operation maintaining a singular vessel. Cruise packages extend between two & four nights, sailing throughout the Baltic Ocean. Typical stops for Birka Vacationers included the Stockholm Archipelago & Swedish Coastal Cities. Entering coastal waters was possible for Birka Cruises because their vessel is small when comparing them to Royal Caribbean & Carnival. A maximum of 1430 Passengers is permitted on their boat, which maintained a lifespan of sixteen years.

Additional Closures in the Cruising Industry

Birka Cruises wasn’t the exclusive brand to announcing their exit from the industry. Pullmantur Cruises from Spain confirmed their operations are terminated, which follows after legally filing to insolvency. The reasoning for their shutdown cited the novel coronavirus pandemic. It’s suspected that multiple other brands will be closing their ships & enter foreclosure or insolvency status by 2020s end.