Author: Darrell Washington

Horrible Weather at Biscayne Bay

Athletes participating in the Florida Regatta were met with unexpected weather, which prompted some of the most life-threating conditions seen in sailing. There was an increased presence of freezing rain and wind, resulting in 182 sailors having to use all their skillsets to keep their vessels moving forward. Racers participating in this Miami event were […]

The Sailing Regatta’s for January

The 2020 Season for International Sailing is beginning, two events taking place on opposite ends of the world. The 1st is the Caribbean Regatta, which is held by the Barbados Sailing Club throughout January 18th to 21st. This event will comprise of multiple vessels, including windsurfers and racing yachts. This extends to kite surfers, cruisers, […]

Carnival Cruise Line Implements Dress Code

Carnival Cruise Lines announced that they’re altering the required dress code accepted on their vessels. This comes after decades of Carnival being known for partying, excessive drinking and potential nudity. However, the corporation has been focusing its efforts on creating a new image amongst travellers. No longer will guests see T-Shirts with profanity or women […]

The HMAS Choules Saves Australians

Australia has been ravaged by wildfires all year, with numerous ecosystems being destroyed and animal life being lost. However, humans have begun evacuating the country in certain jurisdictions. This marks the first instance that thousands of tourists and residents have to leave a specific destination because of climate change. It’s estimated that 1,000 tourists were […]

Best Cruise Ships in 2020

Sailing has become one of the world’s most popular forms of vacationing. Every year there are new cruise shops released, hoping to capture the adventurous minds of millions worldwide. Instead, it’s a shopping centre, multiple high-end restaurants or entertainment facilities; there’s something for everyone on a cruise ship. One of the newest movements in this […]

America World Cup Series Released

The American World Cup Sailing Association has provided a detailed insight into the upcoming schedule in 2021. National teams with New Zealand, England, and Italy confirmed the lineup of competitions. In this announcement, it was also confirmed that National Teams would race under the AC75 American Yacht Class. The provided schedule was delayed for multiple […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Sailors

It’s challenging to locate the perfect gift for a friend or family member that partakes in sailing. The hobby is expensive and versatile, giving those with the right budget plenty of options to purchase. However, the options we have provided in this review are more for balanced, budgeted individuals. These are the perfect gifts you […]

America Gains its 2020 Olympic Port

The moment the United States Windsurfing Olympic Board launched the choice treatments for the 2020 United States Olympic Windsurfing Group, there were three tests for professional athletes to complete. It is currently a problem time to see that goes to Tokyo in the 10 Wind-surfing occasions when none obtained the task done in the initial […]

Tokyo 2020 USA Olympic Sailing Team

The United States Sailing Team has spent eight years rebuilding itself with training techniques, hoping that they will make a significant presence at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This extensive reworking of the team comes after the US Sailing Team couldn’t acquire a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympic Games. The head coach […]

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