Author: Darrell Washington

Exploring the Harbour of Macau

Both Macau and Hong Kong, registered yachts are permitted to set sail in Pearl River Delta. At the moment, Guangdong is not at ease with the arrangement that allows all registered boats to sail in the Pearl River Delta. The marines and open waters on the mainland could encourage smugglers to take massive advantage of […]

Eldorado New Youth Attraction in Sports Betting

The modern world offers an endless array of entertainment, from modern yachts to sailing, sports enthusiasts can enjoy sports around the globe via real-time broadcasting. Being part of the action includes placing bets on sports and if your team win, so do you. It’s time for celebration, and both betting and games continue to increase […]

Yachting or Sailing Betting

Yachting betting is often the term used for sailing betting; either way, it has enjoyed major popularity as a global betting category. If you want to go all technical about it the term for recreational sailing is yachting. In the case of online betting, the term yachting actually refers to racing sailboats regardless of the […]

Best Sailing Apps 2019

While the best way to experience sailing is to leave all the technology behind and hit the water, we still can’t help finding the best apps to make our sailing experience so much better. On top of that, there is no denying that technology and software development of finding new and exciting ways to bring […]

Types of Beginner to Pro Sail Races

As most of you would already know, there are many different types of sailing. When you begin to enter races and consider all the smallest options through to the most prominent yacht races in the world. Getting to know the primary races is a must as a beginner as it provides details about the available […]

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