Australia Extends Ban on Cruise Ships

The Australian government disappointed international tourists on May 22nd, announcing an extension on the “Cruise Ship COVID-19 Ban”. Their announcement comes after multiple nations confirmed their ports were shut down to all services not deemed essential to daily life. Governments worldwide were forced to make these extensions after companies like the Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Princess Cruises announced that they’d restart operations by June 2020. Considering the extensive level of infections seen on cruise ships worldwide, these extensions will ultimately protect the lives of thousands who are unwilling to abide by social distancing measures.

The Australian Minister for Health confirmed that this extension period would end on September 17th, 2020. International cruise ships are prohibited from entering foreign ports in Australia and New Zealand, which hasn’t been possible for these vessels since March 27th. It should be noted that the Australian Minister for Health is considering local cruises for national civilians, with the maximum occupancy being 100 passengers. The AMFH clarified that the likelihood of this happening is minimal & that similar measures to international vessels will most likely be imposed.

Law enforcement with the Australian Border Force revealed after this confirmation that they’d been in continuous contact with cruise liners. They clarified that companies like the Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Disney have respectively cooperated with the situation. Their understanding that the government must commit to their civilians first before the economy. Considering nations like the United States aren’t following this concept, Australian Civilians have praised and respected the decisions of their leaders.

Departing for Lost Funds

After this announcement issued to cruise ships docked in Australia, dozens of engines could be heard roaring less than an hour later. These vessels quickly departed and headed for international waters. They’ll now be locating harbours & ports willing to accept cruise lines for operational business. Considering that Spain is slated to reopen its tourism sector by next month, it’ll be one of the top destinations selected by captains. It should be noted that each port allowing for these vessels to enter are requiring multiple social distancing measures be implemented. This means the full occupancy of four thousand with most modern-day cruise liners won’t be permitted. Funds will continue to be lost.