Sailing the Meddeterian

The Med has many destinations to suit all yachtsmen’s tastes. Many of these coastlines and islands have a tremendously exciting history, so read up on the areas you intend to tour before you leave your home port. The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s idyllic destinations, and it is close to Naples, Pompei, Capri, etc. […]


An icebreaker is a specially designed ship to clear ice at the poles, either to rescue frozen in ships caught by the closing winter or to force routes through the ice to make passes for other shipping. The hull is designed thicker than average so that it can break up and push the ice aside […]

Ancient Ships

Chinese Junk’s origin is from the second century BC, and it is still used today. The stern was high, and the bows were pointed. The Junk can have as many as five masts. The sails are square set and are made from matting or linen, strengthened by bamboo batons. The sails are opened or closed […]

1866 Tea Race

In 1866 four clippers set off from China with cargoes of tea and the race was on to get to London first. The spanking new clipper, the Ariel, was loaded with 560 tonnes of tea, the first and second pickings, packed in 12000 tea chests – mooted to be the best! Lighters had brought the […]

The Boat Race

The first boat race between Oxford University and Cambridge University was held in 1829 but was only an annual event after 1856. The only years missed since then have been the years of the Two World Wars. In 1927 the first woman’s race took place, with significant opposition from some men who believed women should […]

Cape Town Rio Yacht Race

Forty-Nine years ago a yacht race from South Africa to South America began and was the Vice-Admiral Biermann of the South African Navy who suggested a continent to continent race and the South African Ocean Racing Trust took the idea forward and chose South America as the end port. At the start, Rio de Janeiro […]

Epic Voyagers – Vasco da Gama

Vasco da Gama set off in 1497 searching for a route, by sea, to the East. For thousands of years of products from China, India and other Eastern countries came to Europe by road – a long, challenging, and dangerous trek, by foot, by camel and by donkey. Fraught with hardship, many caravans never reached […]

Epic Sailing Exploration-Kontiki

In 1947, Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian, built a raft and set out to sail across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesians Islands. The barge, the Kon-Tiki was named after the Inca sun god. The purpose of the voyage was to prove his theory that the Polynesian Islands were populated prior the Columbus […]

Circumnavigating the World

Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer and sailor, was one of the first to attempt to circumnavigate the world. Unfortunately, for him, this would not happen. After an epic journey across the Atlantic, through Cape Horn (the passage he took was to be named after him, Magellan Straits), and up through the ocean he called the […]

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