Australia Extends Ban on Cruise Ships

The Australian government disappointed international tourists on May 22nd, announcing an extension on the “Cruise Ship COVID-19 Ban”. Their announcement comes after multiple nations confirmed their ports were shut down to all services not deemed essential to daily life. Governments worldwide were forced to make these extensions after companies like the Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and […]

Carnival Cruise Bookings Surge by 600%

There have been countless horror stories regarding standard cruise ships amidst the novel coronavirus. With each of these vessels experiencing their respective outbreaks of COVID-19, prompting a significant level of online hatred towards these companies when it was announced they’d return to sailing by Summer 2020. The 1st to announce their return was Carnival Cruise […]

NCL Outlines New Cruising Protocols

Norwegian Cruise Lines isn’t estimating operations to begin shortly, with insurance rates on their lineup of vessels increasing exponentially. It requires NCL and other cruise operators to implement functional conditions, demanding that passengers wear masks when engaging with any public location on the ship. Applying these conditions would prompt an immediate decrease in booked vacations, […]

Cruise Ship Workforces Left to Die

Safe havens amongst the cruise ship industry have been depleted. Continued crisis after crisis is being reported on these vessels, with the novel coronavirus destroying the lives of thousands in the Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Extremes of this nature follow after reports indicate that 100+ thousand crewmembers worldwide are still trapped on their […]

Costa Atlantica’s COVID-19 Outbreak

The novel coronavirus has infected millions worldwide, with a marginal percentage of these confirmed cases being on cruise ships. New numbers are being confirmed every day from various cruise liners worldwide, with the most recent coming from Costa Cruises. PR Reps announced that fourteen crew members aboard the Costa Atlantica had inquired COVID-19, with this […]

Royal Caribbean Cruises Cancelled Until June 11th

Royal Caribbean implemented suspension extensions on cruising on March 16th. Representatives confirmed that all planned cruises until June 11th would be terminated worldwide. This follows after the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t slowed down, prompting an influx of continued cancellations or postponements. This marks the longest cancellation of cruises for the entire industry in history. The official […]

No Sail Order Extended by CDC

The Centre for Disease Control confirmed that their “No Sail Order” for Cruise Liners in the United States has extended towards Mid-July. This has numerous companies embracing the profit losses coming throughout the summer, which is their most profitable period. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant issue for corporations operating Cruise Liners. Research Notes […]

German Cruise Ship Told to Leave Australia

Australian Authorities are demanding that a German Cruise Ship leave their water immediately. This follows after concerns regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic, with Australian hospitals already being overwhelmed with the number of cases. This announcement was confirmed after the Western Australia State Government told MS Artania to depart the Fremantle Port. Captains of this vessel were […]

CDC Warns Against Cruising Until Summer

Travellers throughout the United States of America have been warned not to engage with their planned trips on cruise ships. This warning comes from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, with multiple companies confirming they’ll terminate operations for thirty-days following this announcement. Delayed vacations on cruise liners are slated to occur until May, under […]

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