Start Sailing – Steps

Sailing is one of the most exciting forms of water sports there is. Not only are out in the sun, having fun with friends, but it’s also a sense of achievement when you first get the boat moving int eh direction you want it to go. Sailing is a dream for many from around the […]

Best Apps for Sailors

Having a set of brilliant apps to help you while sailing has become a must with smartphones. Some of these might not be useful to your specific needs, but there’s sure to be something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a professional. As you can imagine, there’s an app for just about all your […]

Planning Meals for Sailing Season

Eating right is one of the key factors for any sport, even the ones that don’t really demand as much physically. With sailing, there’s a lot of physical work involved, making the nutrition you get in a critical part to perform at your best. We’ve all heard that workouts are the most important and you […]

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