Yachting or Sailing Betting

Yachting betting is often the term used for sailing betting; either way, it has enjoyed major popularity as a global betting category. If you want to go all technical about it the term for recreational sailing is yachting. In the case of online betting, the term yachting actually refers to racing sailboats regardless of the size.

Betting on Sailing/Yachting

If you are a new punter, yachting or sailing refers to sailors using a craft to race from one destination to the end destination. The smaller racing boats are referred to as dinghies, and these participate in sailing that takes place around a set course, which is also the way they compete in the Olympics. There are many sailing events taking place across the globe, although only a small number of these are referred to as Grand Slams. The races that are considered as Grand Slams includes the Bermuda Race, Volvo Ocean Yacht Race, Sydney to Hobart race and America’s Cup. More betting options on sailing are added every four years during the Olympics as countries compete for gold, silver or bronze medals in different classes.

The excitement of Competitive Sailing

First sailing enjoyed a massive growth as a spectator sport once it became a day-by-day live stream event on television. Then it took off as a betting sport, which also improved sports enthusiast’s knowledge regarding the sailing races. The majority of major competitions such as the American Cup ensures that every participating boat has a webcam to show the conditions as well as allowing GPS trackers to provided spectators with updates. Land-viewing is possible with dinghy racing with the course set in the harbour or bay.

Sailing Bet Types

In sailing, as with any other racing sport, everyone that is competing want to win the race. The easiest way to get into betting on sailing is to compare it to that of rally racing. The larger the race, the easier betting is when it is broken down to legs, which can last from 7days up to as long as three weeks. An entire race can take up to a month unless it is the Volvo Ocean Race, which takes from start to finish around nine months.

The most common betting options on sailing/yachting are the three types listed as placing, leg winner and race winner. Placing is placing a bet on a team or boat that you feel would finish in the 1st up to the 3rd place in the entire race. A leg winner bet is placed on a team or ship that could win that leg of the race while a race winner bet is placed on the team or bat that will win the entire race.

There are also a few other bets that can be placed; these include the highest average speed during the race. The betting options also increase during the Olympics when betting takes place on the sport and individual athletes as well as teams and countries.