Why Starting to Sail Young is Important

It’s rather strange how most kids around the world only learn how they sail as a hobby well into their teens, some even only in their 20’s or later. Sure, there are many exceptions, which usually turn out to the be people who break records or make it big in the world of racing.

There are many benefits of teaching your kids how to sail from a young age, which doesn’t only relate to professional sailing opportunities, but development in their young lives as well. Having kids involved with any sport is proven to be beneficial to early development, focus and many other aspects of life, including maintaining a healthy body.

Professional sail training can be rather pricey, but there are so many alternatives that provide the same discipline. Besides, at a young age, it’s best to teach the kids the basics of sailing, have them complete a few classes with professionals and teach them the importance of maintaining a small sailboat.

Below, we look at the benefits of sailing in youngsters and see how it could become one of the best choices you’ve ever made as a parent.

Development, Focus and Drive

Those who sail would know everything doesn’t always go smoothly and most of the time you need to be quick with changes to get the best results. These are important development skills for children as it teaches them to think about solutions and not to give up when things go wrong.

Sailing is a great choice for this as there are multiple things to consider from the very second they enter the boat. Once they progress and get it right, they become driven and confident in their abilities. Not only does this allow them to push further, but it teaches them patience and focus pays off.

Developing a Hobby Early

As adults, most of us have hobbies that we are extremely proud of and want to show off to the world. For most these hobbies only come part of our lives at a much later age when we earn our own salaries and can afford it.

It’s important for children to have hobbies from an early age, and not just regular hobbies like riding a bike up and down the driveway, but big-picture things as well. Sailing has become a great choice as there are so many aspects to the sport. Not only do the kids need to develop their skills to progress on the water, but they need to maintain the boat and keep it in perfect shape as well, which is a great addition for those non-sailing days.

A hobby is a great way to teach children about savings as well. Some aspects of sailing can be very expensive, especially with upgrades. Instead of just buying the new boat or leaving the child to struggle, teach them to save for the upgrades and allow them to do the important research needed to get what they want.