Why Sailing is the Best Form of Travelling

When you think about living on a boat, it might not seem at that glamorous and almost impossible, unless it’s a yacht or cruise ship right? Well, not entirely as there are actually many people who use sail boats for a lot more than the occasional race or quick trip around the Indonesian islands.

The boats are made to handle a lot more than just a quick spin and have the ability to be comfortable for long journeys as well. When you read up about it, there have been many people using smaller sailboats to travel, and even though they don’t have the same abilities as the bigger boats, they still get the job done.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to get started on something that’s too small and you’ll need to know the boat well as open waters introduce a whole new range of challenges that you might not be used to with racing or just a casual sail from time to time. However, all the hours on the water and getting to know your boat will pay off in the end, especially when you consider the following benefits:

Sail Anywhere

One of the best parts about sailing is that you have access to the most remote locations in the world. Some of the islands and docks are only accessible by boat, usually leading you to an incredible adventure with nature untouched my humans.

While the islands and remote locations are attractive, another major advantage for sailors is the incredible waters, heading over to locations around some Indonesian islands or making your way to breath-taking locations like the Maldives or even the Caribbean is sure to get you excited.

Unlimited Holiday

Since you’ll be sailing and not live according to come schedule or need to get back to work, you get to choose how long you stay in the most amazing places. No need to plan accommodation or pay for it as your boat is home and has everything you need. Sure, you’ll need to plan for some supplies where you stop and get in touch with friends and family, but other than that, you’re free to do as you please.

Besides, most places around the world have such rich cultures and friendly people that love accommodating foreigners. Changes are, if you enjoy getting to know the culture and the people that you’ll have dinner sorted in some unique ways.

Forget the Bills

Many sailors get started on their adventure by leading their businesses behind and keeping a small share of the profits to ensure they have a steady flow of income while others pack up and sell everything and begin working online.

It’s important to remember that sailing is actually a lot cheaper than the average lifestyle. Not only do you eat mostly from the ocean, but those bond and car payments are suddenly out of your way. Sure, the boat requires careful care and could cost a pretty penny, but with everything you’ll be saving, it would still be a small price to pay.