Why it’s Worth Getting a Drone for Sailing

Over the last few years, drones have become increasingly popular and highly advanced to provide just about anyone with the opportunity to explore anything from the skies. These are now being used more and more with sports of all types, including everything from motocross through to kitesurfing.

The latest technology allows the drone to remain 100% stable in just about any conditions while still delivering perfect picture quality, some even at 4k. Sailing is one of the most spectacular sports and almost always includes a destination that is worth remembering with pictures and videos. However, handheld cameras can only provide so much of what you see while drones introduce a whole new world of features as it takes to the skies, shares what it sees and allows you to capture every moment on the water.

Drone Features

Even though some of these drones can range well over the thousand-dollar mark, especially when you look at brands like DJI. However, there is a reason for this price as it includes the latest technology that makes it even more usable and adaptable to various conditions.

Those of you who have already done research, would already know the DJI drones include excellent features that allows it to detect objects around it and find its own way without flying into anything. They also come with a brilliant “follow me” feature that lets you completely let go of the remote while still remaining the focus of the drone.

It also comes with automatic stabilizing features that allows the drone to move around flawlessly without being infected by windy conditions. Most of them are also waterproof, making it the perfect companion for any sailor.

With these features and many more, you can easily see why having a drone is worth the consideration. The high-quality pictures and video certainly allow you to capture the very best of each memory while the latest technology can capture you in action as you head out on your next race.

What Limitations are There?

If you are worried about distance, there’s definitely no need for concern as most drones are able to travel to a couple of 100 m away from you and still be in range, but if you need something that can really go the distance, you’ll once again has to look at DJI as some of their drones can go up to 7km from your location.

If you happen to fly the drone out of range, and it will automatically come straight back to you, thanks to a handy feature called “fly to home”.

Most of these devices can only fly for less than 20 minutes at a time, which is why it is well worth investing in multiple batteries, especially if you’re planning to take it on a sail boat. You wouldn’t need to worry about the drone falling when the batteries died as it would automatically fly home when it’s running low.