Who are the Favourites to win the Australian NRL this season?

The National Rugby League is the most popular Rugby league in the whole of Australia. It brings in plenty of viewers for every event for people who love the big hits that only Aussie Rugby can provide. Here we’re going to cover who the favourites are to win the upcoming season, as well as the NRL 2020 Wooden Spoon Predictions, just for fun.

So, who is likely to take home the NRL title this season?


The favourites for the NRL this season is almost too easy to call. Over the last two years the NRL has been dominated by the Sydney Roosters. They are the defending champions after winning back to back titles. Although they have lost Cooper Cronk during the off season due to his decision to retire, they still retain a strong side that looks as though it will go all of the way again. Very few people can see past the Roosters taking another title, which means that it could be a long season for the other sides in the league.

The Canberra Raiders should take the Roosters close again though. After making it through to the grand final last time out, a lot is expected of the Raiders this season. It could go one of two ways. The Raiders could use the defeat as motivation to improve their performances this coming season, or it could lead them to poor form through disappointment. The professionalism of the players should make the former more likely than the latter.

Finally, the Melbourne Storm could make a challenge to the Roosters dominance. They need to keep their high-quality regular season performances running into the grand final. If they can do this, then the Melbourne Storm have a good chance of knocking the Roosters off their perch this season.

Wooden Spoon prediction

The wooden spoon is a difficult choice this season. Many people expect the Penrith Panthers to fall by the wayside this season, but that’s not our choice. We think that the Gold Coast Titans are most likely to take the wooden spoon this season.

Although the Titans have brought in new players and staff this season, they have almost always been near the bottom of the standings. While the signings are excellent on paper, it will take time for them to gel together and when they are finally ready to compete, it could be too late for the Titans to make any kind of move up the table.