Variety Cruises Restarting Operations on July 24th

Vacations on the open waters aren’t specified towards large vessels, with a percentage of cruisers selecting smaller ships to enjoy their time off. The coronavirus pandemic forced companies operating these yachts, with small footprints not allowing these vessels to obtain the title of a cruise ship. Those that support this form of vacationing have desperately waited for their favourite brand to restart their operations, with one of the 1st Yacht Cruising Companies confirming their return.

PR Representatives with Variety Cruises confirmed that July 24th would mark the date when they begin sailing in 2020. The M.S. Galileo Yacht will sail the Greek Cyclades Islands. PR Reps were questioned on when their additional vessels will start sailing in French Polynesia, Red Sea, Costa Rica, Seychelles, and Panama. It’d be noted that those locations will be embarked by Late 2020 or Early 2021.

Holding a virtual press conference for invited members, Variety Cruises provided an in-depth account of their social distancing measures. Considering that their yachts maintain 24 to 30 cabins, managing these enforcement protocols won’t be challenging. It’ll enable Variety Cruises to guarantee the safety of guests, who will be tested regularly to ensure that they’re not infected with COVID-19.

Sentiments from Variety Cruises noted that they’ve become stronger & wiser every moment where the world faces new problems. PR Representatives clarified that partnerships become more cemented & longstanding during times of crisis. Variety Cruises is grateful for that fact, with moments in history requiring different accomplishments worldwide to push humanity forward. They’d then mention their dedication to providing guests with a luxurious lifestyle that will support the required growth & evolution needed for COVID-19.

The Cost

The Jewels of the Cyclades Package is what’s being offered by Variety Cruises. It’ll include several nights that visit various ports. Details on which ports that the M.S. Galileo Yacht will visit haven’t been revealed. It’ll support 24-Cabins for Guests and start in Athens. This package is available until October 2020, with its respective price available through contact with Variety Yachts. Their previous records indicate that the associated cost will be extensive, meaning availability is for exclusively the wealthy.