Types of Sail Racing with Yachts

Sail racing tends to be a little confusing for those who are just getting into the sport as there are so many types of it and each has their own classes. Those who like to watch and bet on the sport tend to choose yacht racing as it’s the biggest and includes international races. However, there are actually many other classes that also offer the same excitement, making the entire sport of racing one well worth getting into if you’re all about sport!

To get started with understanding sail racing, you’ll need to stand with the basics and check out what the different types mean and how they all work. There are many forms of yacht racing, each presenting its own level of skill, distance and reward for the winners. When you first get into it, all forms are bound to be entertaining. However, as you focus more on the sport and what it’s all about, you might just find yourself shifting to a specific genre or a different type of sailing altogether.

Below, we look at the most popular forms of yacht racing and how it all works. These classes don’t only apply to yachts, but to various types of sail racing as well. That makes it a great place to start and figure out what the craze around sail betting is about all about.

Twilight Racing

Twilight racing tends to be the most casual and not really an event you’ll find being broadcast or shown on betting sites. However, there are some of these that get quite big, even though they’re only afternoon races that don’t last very long.

With that said, don’t underestimate the power of these races as they sometimes use yachts with two sails and even spinnaker, making these great to check out the competition, the action and what you’re getting yourself into.

Club Racing Events

Club racing events are the ones you’ll get to attend at your local club. They usually take place over weekends and would include a mix of people, some pros while others are just beginners. They are fun, usually revolve around a theme or charity and a great way to meet others with similar interests.

Windward Leeward Races

The windward leeward races are where things tend to get a little more involved, and the pros tend to stand out above those who are still learning. It’s a technical form of racing both up and downwind in a specific line, which could also include up to 4 rounds, making precision the most important factor.

One Desig

Very similar to passage, the one design races are quite obviously a single design boat that all the racers need to use. These are only popular with huge gathering or professionals as the smaller clubs and gatherings don’t usually all have the same design.