Types of Beginner to Pro Sail Races

As most of you would already know, there are many different types of sailing. When you begin to enter races and consider all the smallest options through to the most prominent yacht races in the world.

Getting to know the primary races is a must as a beginner as it provides details about the available options. This could determine the type of boat you get, the kind of races to look for depending on where you stay and what you need before you can hit the water and get going.

The best way to get started would be to visit a sailing club as those with experience will be able to provide much better information about the most popular events and the easiest to get into as a beginner. However, to ensure you don’t act like a complete fool when talking about the racing variations, here are the most popular types and what they consist of.

Beer-Can Races

The Beer-Can races would most likely be the first event you enter as many yacht clubs host these types of events as a fun day. It is all about getting out on the water, having fun and learning more about the basics. You can find out what your club has to offer while also getting some sailing experience. The socialising off to the event is also crucial as you get to know some of the other sailors.

Pursuit Racing

It doesn’t matter what boat you buy. You’ll always be able to take part in pursuit races. These include all the classes and boats, but to make it fair, the slowest boats are released a first, and the faster ones are released last. The gap between boats is carefully calculated at the beginning, making it an interesting fair race. The first one to cross the line wins the race, irrespective of your boat, class or experience.

Distance Racing

Distance racing aims more towards the experienced sailors and would usually consist of a crew. These races can range the length of a day to a weekend or even longer, making them an excellent choice for those who are confident in going long distances. Also if you don’t have the right boat, chances are you’ll be able to join a crew with all the right gear that need an additional sailor with the right skills.

White Sail Races

These races are most popular in North America and the Caribbean, but many other international regions have adopted the sailing type. These are races that only allow the jibs and main sails, making it a little more competitive, but also a lot of fun.

Cruising Races

Cruising races are geared towards a fun-filled opportunity to sail with professionals and beginners, all at the same time. These would commonly include crews who don’t want to use the hard-working strategies, but rather cruise over a distance.