Tokyo 2020 USA Olympic Sailing Team

The United States Sailing Team has spent eight years rebuilding itself with training techniques, hoping that they will make a significant presence at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This extensive reworking of the team comes after the US Sailing Team couldn’t acquire a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympic Games. The head coach at the time didn’t account for the global advancement of sailing, with the United States falling behind the pace of other nations.

The previous method to acquire professional sailors was looking into elite educational institutions across North America that maintained sailing teams. The US Olympic Sailing Team would gain those young students, provide them with higher levels of education and increase their performance knowledge. For decades this acquisition model worked, but as funds depleted from the US Olympic Sailing Team, the didn’t have the tools necessary to acquire these children. American Sailing Athletes chose other nations for their professional career, which for two consecutive Olympics, has forced the Americans not to have any podium finishes.

The US Olympic Sailing Team changed their tactics, re-allocating the money into new technologies that could assist them at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Unfortunately, their new sailing vessels couldn’t compete against other nations like Finland or Switzerland. This didn’t stop the team, as they continued with the development and now maintain a boat that is in serious contention for wins. Fans of this sporting organization can see their new ship compete professionally at the 2019 World Championships and Oceania Championships.

Defining Team Members

Two members in the team that have been performing incredibly are Maggie Shea and Stephanie Roble, who both posted better scores than gold medalists from the 2016 Rio Olympics. This indicates that their vessel is at peak standards. They also defeated opponents from Europe, showing the world that the United States Olympic Sailing Team is back to battle. Both Maggie Shea and Stephanie Roble claimed that this win came after they spent weeks memorizing the course layout by sailing it daily. This allowed for the sailing duo to master every version of these waters, making them a shoo-in for the win.

There are still several months until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics begin, meaning that all national sailing teams will have time to account and train for the American’s rapid advancement. Fans shouldn’t immediately presume that the United States Sailing Team will accomplish a gold medal victory, but bronze is almost guaranteed.