Three Cruise Lines Postpone Operations till November

The Coronavirus Pandemic has forced financial burdens onto millions of businesses worldwide, with specific industries being more affected than others. The cruising industry has found themselves one of the worst-hit, losing billions since March 2020. Multiple corporations are working diligently to resume operations & have been found unwilling to stand behind COVID-19 protocols.

Employed personnel continue to receive positive infections with coronavirus tests. However, there are also cruise line operators that are taking a responsible approach to their future vacations. This follows after Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Lines announced that they’d continue their postponement period until November 1st. NCL Holding Limited manages all three of cruise lines.

Norwegian Cruise Holdings Ltd was forced into this decision after the “Centre for Disease Control & Prevention” confirmed that their sailing order wouldn’t expire until September 30th. NCL Holdings taking an additional month to determine global cases & which ports are best suited for safety shows an incredible level of care for guests.

The June Extension

Similar methods were enforced throughout June 2020, with NCL Holdings confirming an extension on their suspension. This announcement came before the Centre of Disease Control extended their “No Sail Order” into July. It appears that NCL Holdings is accounting for an additional 30-Days with whatever timeframe is provided through the CDC.

Norwegian Cruise Holdings Ltd has pre-emptively started preparing their customers for an additional extension on-top of November 1st. NCL Holding Representatives emphasized that executives would delegate an additional sailing suspension by August 2020. Transparency is being awarded to customers that booked with NCL, allowing customers to receive refunds through their travel agents or digital stores.

The Healthy Sail Panel

Guarantying safety for guests has grown into an important subject matter for NCL Holdings. It’s prompted them to implement a “Healthy Sail Panel” in partnership with the Royal Caribbean Group. These two corporations are working together to determine which methods are best suited to ensure guest safety. This could include the implementation of Ultraviolet Lights throughout the entirety of their ships, effectively killing the virus. Costs associated with providing safe conditions for guests could force the panel into less effective measures, such as the two-metre social distancing protocol.