The Top Sailing Events in Canada

Located across Canada are multiple sailing clubs, which compete in various competitions across the nation. This extends from Nova Scotia to Ontario and beyond. Below we’ve compiled the top outfits across Canada that regularly compete in these competitions. The 1st is the Saint Margaret’s Sailing Club, which is located out of Glen Haven in Nova Scotia. One of Eastern Canada’s most significant regional and national events are held at Saint Margaret’s Bay, with weather conditions often creating some of the most exciting racing in North America. July 2020 will mark the annual “Bay Wind Regatta”, which is considered one of the fiercest events for international sailors.

The 2nd top sailing organization in Canada is the Gimli Yacht Club from Manitoba. They’ve hosted significant events, including national and international competitions. This included the 1967 and 1999 Pan Am Games. This sailing club’s most recent tournaments in the international stage consist of the “Canadian Sail-West Regional Championships” and the “Canadian Laser Championships” during 2016. This extended to the 2017 Canadian Summer Games, with the Gimli Yacht Club not presenting any notable tournaments over the last three years. However, it was announced that Gimli would hold the Sail-West Regionals between July 31st and August 3rd, 2020.

Every professional sailing outfit in Canada hosts various tournaments or regattas, with the 4th most popular destination being Hudson in Quebec. Held between July 16th and 20th, the Hudson Yacht Club holds the “Sail Central Championships” annually. This extends to the Fruit Bowl Regatta in Hudson, with the location not having been altered for a prolonged period. Anybody is welcome to attend their events, unlike multiple other competitions throughout the year. It’s one of the few that allows new fans of professional sailing to be garnered.

The Youth & Senior Championships

Two events define the yearly professional sailing circuit, with one being exclusive for youth supporters and the other for seniors. The Royal Saint Lawrence Yacht Club from Montreal holds the Canadian Youth Championships between August 27th to 30th. They’ve held this event for decades and is considered a staple vent for youth sailors in North America.

Sailors with obtained skillsets through a long life can enter the Canadian Seniors Champions, which is located at the Kingston – Portsmouth Olympic Harbour in Ontario. It’s held between August 14th to 18th, with this considered one of the most popular tournaments on the annual calendar. It requires sailors to be familiar with freshwater conditions and understand rapid changes to weather systems. You must have professional experience with sailing before entering this tournament.