The requirements to be a Sail Raja Ampat Participants are :

1. Indonesian Visas.

  • To process  Visa application , please make sure that your passport  is valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival in Indonesia.
  • Before leaving  your country or before entering  to Indonesian territory, you must get an entry  visa. Find the Consulate or  Embassy of Indonesia in the country where you stay / reside.
  • Visa on Arrival is not available in  Tual- Southeast Moluccas or West Papua Province yet.
  • If you need a recommendation to process your visa just let us know.

2. Cruising Permit CAIT ( ClearanceApprovalIndonesianTerritory).

  • Cait will get for 3 month with no charge to all participants of Sail Raja Ampat.
  • Cait will processed in Indonesia and takes 4 weeks . To process it, please send to us via email the documents as follows :

a. Ships document (included Yacht Registration Certificate),

b. Owner/Captain, Crew, Passenggers  List (included a copy of passport details and  Cargo List. Description  about :
–  Last port of call before entering Indonesia
–  Next port of call after leaving in Indonesia
–  Dates/ports of call in Indonesia

  • The  photograph of Captain (3 x 4 cm) and vessel in 5R photo size.

3. Indonesian Customs.

In Accordance with the regulation of Indonesian Ministry of Finance, Foreign Yachts on arrival in Indonesia must pay  an import duty (Custom Bond) based on a percentage of the declared estimation value  which is refundable when the Yacht leaves Indonesia.

To avoid paying of this duty , all participants of Sail Raja Ampat will be guaranteed by local Government and Organizer. The guaranteed will available for 3 months  in all destination in  Indonesia.

To get free  the Custom Bond Guarantee please write a conviction letter and send it to us when you apply for the Cait, as follows :

Statement Letter

    1. The purposes of enter Indonesia is for tourism.
    2. The yacht will not be used for any commercial purspose while in Indonesia.
    3. The Yacht will not be sold while in Indonesia.
    4. Will process all entry and departure procedures for yacht snd its crew.
    5. Will abide to all relevant regulation as a tourist in Indonesia.
    6. Will send a message through to Organizer when the Yacht ready to clear out of Indonesia.
    7. Will understand that breaking rules or regulation in Indonesia may expose to penalties under Indonesian law.