Start Sailing – Steps

Sailing is one of the most exciting forms of water sports there is. Not only are out in the sun, having fun with friends, but it’s also a sense of achievement when you first get the boat moving int eh direction you want it to go.

Sailing is a dream for many from around the world, but so many people have no idea where to start who even what to do. Luckily, the sailing community is one that’s already growing, thanks to participants always willing to show the rest how it’s done and to even give some additional advice. So, the first tip, don’t be shy to ask sailors to help and show you the best way to reach the goals.

Learn the Different Parts of the Boat

Before you even start looking for a boat or even go for lessons, you’ll want to know what the different parts of the boat is called. This helps you understand what the teacher is talking about and when you buy a boat, you’ll know what to inspect for and might get away without sounding like an idiot.

To learn the different parts of a boat, we recommend starting with the smallest and most basic boats as they’re only equipped with the have to have. This allows you to see the difference with bigger boats and what you can eventually aim for. There are many posts online that explain in detail what each part is and what it does, making it really easy for beginners.

Learn the Basics

Whether it is with YoutTube videos, articles or just asking your sailor friends, try to learn at least the basic manoeuvres, such as jibe and tack. Sure, most teachers would begin with this, but if you have no clue what it all means, consider going for a beginners course to help.

As a beginner, you’ll hear avoiding the boom is an important part of the process and if you did the first step right, you’ll know what a boom is and why it’s important to avoid.


Clothing can be a tricky one as conditions differ for sailors around the world. However, you would need to consider the safety equipment and what’s available, including life jackets, gloves and protective clothing to either keep you dry in cold conditions or a wetsuit.

For this section, it’s best to ask other sailors what you’d need or to speak to the teacher as they tend to know the area best and can provide some cheaper solutions if you’re on a budget.

Take a Detailed Course

There are many sailing courses that would cover just the basics, but as a beginner, you’ll need to consider much longer ones. In fact, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about learning how to sail, but now to navigate, what to do in an emergency and much more. Therefore, the better and more detailed the course is, the better!