Should you Buy the Latest and Best as a Beginner?

This is a question we commonly hear when people decide to get started with a new sport, and it might seem like a tricky one to answer, but it’s actually really simple. So, should you buy the latest from the start? No, not if you’d like to learn the basics, get the right training and be able to learn about the equipment you’re using.

Getting started with the latest and most impressive is an incredibly expensive way to get into whatever sport you’re interested in, especially sailing as it’s a lot more than just a boat and sail. Therefore, you might just find yourself taking out a lot more cash than you need to, which could end up demotivating you before you even get started.


Even those who can afford to take out thousands on a new sport will find you lose out a lot this way. Firstly, you won’t need to do maintenance on the boat and your gear as often as you would with an older boat, which might seem like an advantage, but the times you take care of the boat and all it consists of actually helps you learn.

These learning curves allow you to think outside the box when it comes to sailing and just what the boat is capable of, you might even find new ways to improve the boat into something you need or for it to suit your needs better.

Sometimes those small mods could need to some changes, which won’t matter on a small boat, but if you’ve just paid a huge amount for the latest, you wouldn’t want to change a thing, even if it doesn’t exactly suit your needs.


Since you’ve just saved yourself a huge amount of cash by buying a good second-hand boat, you’ll have the advantage of doing a few mods to improve it. Luckily, the spares are all over and they aren’t too badly priced either.

The great thing about these upgrades is that you’ll gain first-hand experience to the changes they apply and how they make things better. You’ll be able to feel if it’s worth getting or if the original works the best, giving you experience that others might not have.

Taking Chances

This is by far one of the biggest advantages of buying a second-hand boat. We all know sailing can be rather extreme, which is a desire when you get to know your boat inside-out and finding the exact limits of what it can do.

With an older boat, you won’t worry as much about damaging the boat as it didn’t cost you a fortune, and trust me, as a beginner, you’ll be making mistakes and picking up a few marks on the boat along the way.

Buy Newer

Once you have the experience of getting to know a boat, it might be hard to say goodbye, but we all need to move on. Since you’ll know exactly what you like, what mods are important and how everything works, your eye for quality becomes a lot sharper and you get to choose a newer boat that always has everything you need, without a massive price tag as well.