Seaman Sails the World

Another individual has completed the ridiculous task of sailing across the globe in a vessel that most would consider terrifying. Captain John Barry the Third, a resident of the Durango Region, finished his adventure on November 11th. It was an adventure that saw him travel to South America, the Antarctic and everywhere in between. This captain dedicated eight years of his life towards this journey, which he says hasn’t stopped. Captain John Barry didn’t spend his eight years alone but did so with a full crew onboard and friends to assist with the adventure.

The next step for John Barry the Third is to become one of the most notable sailors in racing. He plans to participate in ten races worldwide in the next three years, which will require sponsorship and a brand new vessel. However, until he can gather the funds and support necessary to sail, this captain has some of the best sea stories to tell for the modern era. It’s anticipated that John will write a book based on his wild adventures, which endured loss and love.

There have been many to speak about Captain John Barry the Third openly. His local councillor from his home city, a lifelong friend, was one of the first to continuously support John’s decision. Chris Bettino has been quoted as saying John is an iconic individual who flies planes, kayaks the worlds largest rivers and now sails the globe. His name has become synonymous in the sailing community, with fans of the sport cheering him on with his future racing endeavours.

The Adventure Begins

Captain John Barry the Third setoff for his iconic adventure in December 2011. He began his sailing quest in the San Francisco Bay with a crew of six. Over the years he picked up additional friends, family and crewmates. However, John was the only individual to remain on the voyage for eight years straight. Captain Barry would take six-month breaks in between every year for Hurricane Season, doing his best to avoid being capsized. Throughout the eight years, there were numerous instances when storms almost destroyed his solar-panel vessel. Captain John Barry sailed with twenty-four individuals throughout the eight years and visited more than 75 countries worldwide.

This adventure began growing in the mind of Captain John Barry since he was six. His father had the same dream twenty years ago and tried his efforts, but unfortunately was killed at sea. John, fully aware of the ricks, still moved forward and became one of a select few who have sailed the global ocean on a personal vessel. It will be interesting to see what skills he’s acquired in those eight years and how he can use them for future races.