SeaDream Experiences Covid Outbreak

The cruising industry is learning for a second time that voyages during the coronavirus pandemic cannot be sustained. Numerous vessels have returned to operation in the Mediterranean, Caribbean & European Union, with various reports indicating that cruise-liners are experiencing outbreaks of the coronavirus. It isn’t shocking when considering that health experts worldwide have warned operators like Royal Caribbean & Carnival Corp that voyages will create outbreak scenarios. Executives with Royal Caribbean have listened to the advice of experts, refusing to sail until December 1st or later. That hasn’t been the case with Carnival Corp & numerous other operators like SeaDream.

An announcement was issued by media personnel with SeaDream, who confirmed that passengers on their vessel have contracted Covid-19 & were permitted to disembark the ship in Barbados on November 15th. Operators are known for eliminating stories regarding negative press for their brand, which wasn’t any different with SeaDream’s rumoured outbreak. Passengers had informed family members that they’d been quarantined on the SeaDream Yacht. Families provided details to local media, which sparked the rumours. It wouldn’t be until “Cruise Critic, Sue Bryant.” Confirmed that she’d been on the SeaDream Yacht when coronavirus overtook the vessel & forced a ship-wide quarantine.

Infection for Cruise Critic

Sue Bryant would confirm that she & several other passengers had contracted the virus on November 13th, with quarantine zones permitted to each respective individual by the 15th in Barbados. Bryant received an international private flight back to the United Kingdom, with the several remaining individuals returning to the United States.

Health experts from Barbados confirmed to Bryant that one of those several individuals was initially infected. That middle-aged man won’t be fined for breaking protocols, with his preliminary tests before boarding appearing negative. The SeaDream Yacht was carrying fifty passengers & sixty crewmembers before being halted. Most individuals on this voyage were Americans and have all returned home.