Sailing with Man’s Best Friend On-Board

For hundreds of years, man’s best friend has made the journey with seamen taming the oceans. Today dogs are still as often seen sailing the, and they require some help from their humans to have a fun time.


Dogs may have loads of hair, but the sun still burns their light pink skin underneath all the beard. Thus it is vital to apply a sunscreen which is specially formulated for our canine friends to your dog. Whenever you use sunscreen to yourself, the same is due for your dog.

Life Jacket for Your Furry Friend

All on board need a life jacket, including your dog. Even if it is a strong swimmer, the ocean is choppy, and they won’t be able to swim back to the boat. Thus don’t leave the port with your canine friend without having a suitable canine personal floating device on board.

Falling Overboard

A set action plan is best for when this happens. It is vital to have someone assigned to watch your dog at all times. The dog has no way of indicating that it has fallen overboard. In the event of your dog falling over, it is essential to keep track of his location in the water. A dog head can easily be lost in the moving swell. Assuming that your dog was wearing a life jacket, you have time to bring the boat as close as possible to it and switch off the engines and call your dog to the boat.


Docking is an exciting moment for all. Your dog might want to jump off straight away before it is safe to do so. You can teach your dog specific commands for these moments or using a leash to keep him safe might be the best solution.

Doggy Loo

It some dogs are so well house-trained that they won’t relieve themselves on deck. This might cause bladder infections and other ailments. It is vital to have a designated spot where the dog knows it can relieve itself. Puppy pads or small grass pads might be helpful here.


Sailing cats are often happy to remain on the boat, but pups need to stretch their legs. This means that whenever you want to take your dog for that much-needed walk, paperwork needs to be completed. This paperwork is often a lot and complex. Before setting off on your journey, take the necessary precautions and check which vaccines are needed at ports that you plan to dock. Europe has a pet passport, which makes it more comfortable, but it is good to know in advance what you need.


You need to have necessary meds on hand if your friend starts to feel off. These include deworming meds and tick treatments. Your dog might also get seasick for a part of the journey. Have something to relieve these symptoms on-hand. It is a lot of effort and precautions to be able to enjoy the trip with your furry friend on board, but then again you’ll do it for any other valued member of the family.