Sailing the Meddeterian

The Med has many destinations to suit all yachtsmen’s tastes. Many of these coastlines and islands have a tremendously exciting history, so read up on the areas you intend to tour before you leave your home port. The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s idyllic destinations, and it is close to Naples, Pompei, Capri, etc. The scenery is astounding, the harbours quaint and historical, each with its cuisine and wines to suit most palates. So rediscover these places where famous battles have taken place. Find the ruins of towns and cities that have lived and died and the seas that hold stories of many sunken ships and the reason for their demise.


Malta has a long history going back thousands of years and has been the battlefield of many wars. Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the occupiers of Malta have always ruled the waves as it is close to Italy and North Africa, and any passing ships can be monitored and stopped if necessary. Present-day sailors can anchor in harbours that have sheltered many crafts, from traders to warships. On the higher points, the remains of castles and forts that have played their part in keeping invaders at bay can still be seen after 1000’s years. Explore the islands of Malta and experience the crystal clear waters and magnificent snorkelling and scuba diving. Malta also has its cuisine, so enjoy it while you can. The holiday seasons are not as busy as other places in the Med, so if you don’t like crowds, this is the place to be!

The French Riviera

The French Riviera is the ultimate destination for the wealthy, so expect to moor next to yachts that have cost millions! Situated in the Southeast of France, sailors are attracted by iconic names such as Monaco, Cannes, Nice, St Tropez and Antibes. Enjoy, if you can afford it, the excellent food and services.

Croatia Islands

The waters of Croatia hide many islands and bays which will please the discerning yachtsmen who seek the less travelled seas. Visit the northern sea coast and Dalmatia and relax in the calm waters protected by the numerous islands. Not as developed as the rest of the Med due to isolation during the cold war, expect to have more rustic accommodation if you venture on land with its brand of cuisine. But hurry – Croatia is catching up with the rest of the Med with its developments!


As Algeria settles its internal strife, it is starting to encouraging tourists and sailors. The only marina in Algiers does not allow anchoring, so yachts must be moored to the quayside. Where facilities are offered, they are pretty basic. On land, one can experience the architecture of 1000’s of years – from Roman ruins mixed with French Architecture. Also, nearby is Morocco and Tunis, which can be included in your itinerary. Get your visas etc. before leaving your home port as there are lots of red tapes, even if you’re passing by. Smaller fishing ports can be more friendly.