Royal Caribbean Details Strategy for Mock Voyages

It was first reported that CDC Personnel would board cruises to evaluate how operators could sustain reduced capacity without infection of Covid-19. Royal Caribbean is now saying that CDC Personnel won’t be required, with volunteer passengers being permitted. Mock voyages are required to understand which requirements are needed for eliminating the spread of coronavirus, with detailed scheduling of how those cruises will be sustained announced by Royal Caribbean.

Staff, Volunteers, and CDC Personnel will collectively meet to ascertain what protocols are needed to sustain a safe environment. Royal Caribbean confirmed that other cruise lines are following similar preparations, hoping for approval to resume operations in American waters. Media Personnel from Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Carnival Corp couldn’t provide reliable dates for when operations will resume. This indicates longer-than-expected evaluation times. Approval will be known once operators begin offering tourism packages on their websites.

The schedules relating to simulated voyages have been announced for Royal Caribbean, meaning a similar format can be expected for all major operators. The “Centre for Disease Control & Prevention” will review critical procedures associated with cruise operators. That includes checking the methods used for embarkation & disembarkation. Terminal check-in, dining venues, entertainment venues, and private excursions are also being reviewed to guarantee tourist safety. Real-world conditions will be replicated to ensure simulated voyages are accurately assessed. It should be noted that Royal Caribbean is also testing updated evacuation procedures and updating quarantine zones on each of their vessels.

Becoming a Volunteer

The CDC has noted details regarding how Royal Caribbean will select their volunteers. Passengers must be older than eighteen, with certification forms from a family healthcare provider that indicates they’ve never had prior medical conditions. This ensures that individuals participating in mock voyages are low risk from contracting Covid-19 or transmitting it to others.

Any volunteers engaging with mock cruises will be given notice that simulations are unproven & untested, that health measures enlisted don’t provide guaranteed safety. That notice is unlikely to deter many from registering for a volunteering position with Royal Caribbean. The CDC also provided clarification that multiple mock voyages must be sustained before approval is granted. That means hundreds of volunteers will likely get accepted.