Royal Caribbean Cruises Cancelled Until June 11th

Royal Caribbean implemented suspension extensions on cruising on March 16th. Representatives confirmed that all planned cruises until June 11th would be terminated worldwide. This follows after the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t slowed down, prompting an influx of continued cancellations or postponements. This marks the longest cancellation of cruises for the entire industry in history.
The official statement from Royal Caribbean iterated that the public health circumstances seen worldwide have prompted board members and executives to continue the suspension of our global fleet. We promise our guests that will address these cancellations, with vouchers towards another vacation when the pandemic period has concluded. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that services will become operational by June 12th.

The statement provided by Royal Caribbean didn’t mention the exceptions to reopening by June 12th. Representatives clarified these statements on Twitter. They suggested that the returned services will be excluded New England, Canada, and Alaska. All three locations are expected to experience COVID-19 pandemic conditions until late June. That’s prompted Royal Caribbean to begin operations in these locations by July 1st.

Representatives through the Royal Caribbean Twitter clarified that the world’s changing drastically but their commitment to guests hasn’t diminished. Apologies were noted, with the representative recognizing the associated disappointment. He confirmed that the health and safety of guests had become their top priority, with everything being done possible to ensure the best vacations for ticketholders when the pandemic is over.

The True Reason

Royal Caribbean didn’t make this decision from the benefit of their heart. Millions are being lost weekly from the lack of bookings, docking fees and unexpected repair maintenance. They were forced to make postponements until June 12th and July 1st because the Centre of Disease Control announced that the “No Sail order” has been extended. It follows after ten cruise ships docked in the United States had confirmed outbreaks of COVID-19.

The United States Coast Guard has continually prevented these vessels from travelling to other locations. Governments worldwide have followed the recommendations of the CDC, prompting their No Sail Orders to be extended as well. It should be noted that all cruise lines have been forced into the No Sail Order, with this continuing towards Disney and Carnival.