Private Cruise Ship Destroyed in Beirut Explosion

A Lebanese Entrepreneur worth Millions has announced that he’ll be suing the proper authorities for the sinking of his cruise ship, which occurred after the substantial Explosion in the Port of Beirut. This announcement was made by the Lebanon State News Agency, confirming that anger towards the disaster is growing daily.

The Sinking of the Orient Queen is an attribute of the Beirut explosions that aren’t being forgotten. Two crew members lost their lives, with several others obtaining horrific wounds that’ll take months or years to heal fully. The Lebanon People are angered over the fact that a notable shipment of ammonium nitrate was stored with various flammable materials. This shipment prompted the fire that inevitably caused the Explosion, destroying the Beirut Port & inflicting incalculable damage in a 10-Mile Radius.

Civilian Demands

Protest on August 8th occurred in Central Beirut, with angered Lebanese Civilians demanding for change in the Government after the shipping of 2750 Tonnes of ammonium nitrate was stored beside residential neighbourhoods. The saving of this material wasn’t for a short period, with the Lebanese Government allowing Igor Grechushkin to store these materials in Hangar – Warehouse Twelve for a prolonged time. Government personnel received numerous warning from chemical expects that these shipments of ammonium nitrate proved substantial risks.

The President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, hasn’t placed any blame onto Igor Grechushkin. He’s instead directed that the Beirut Explosion was made by the Israeli Government, considering the act hostile & grounds for war. The statements made by Michel Aoun haven’t warranted any proof, showing that Lebanon’s President will blatantly attack the Israeli people without any justification. It’s these disrespectful actions & multiple others that have prompted continued protests against his presidency.

The Lawsuit

Merhi Abou Merhi is the Lebanese Entrepreneur that owns the Orient Queen, using the cruising vessel to maintain several-day vacations for international or local tourists. Beirut’s Explosion forced his boat to capsize & than sink half-way into the ocean’s depths. Merhi claimed he’d sue all those responsible for sinking the Orient Queen but hadn’t made any mention of Igor Grechushkin. However, if Mehri Abou Mehri is successful with his lawsuit, then it’ll pave the way for others that were infected by the Beirut Explosion. Right now, these individuals have no method to pursue legal action.