Princess & Carnival Cruise Lines Sued in Los Angeles

The novel coronavirus infected millions worldwide, with a large percentage of these confirmed contractions leading back to cruise liners worldwide. It’s prompted multiple civilians to issue Class-Action Lawsuits in notable cruising zones in America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. The most recent was released through the Los Angeles Supreme Court & indicates the Carnival Corporation, which operates Princess Cruises & Carnival Cruises.

It’s known from extensive medical research that 2800 passengers abroad the Grand Princess were exposed to COVID-19. Their exposure comes after the Carnival Corporation failed to abide by proper Health & Safety Measures while knowing that the coronavirus pandemic was thriving worldwide. The complainants note that negligence was actively encouraged & prompted thousands more worldwide to become infected. This exposure period applies between February 11th to 21st, with the Grand Princess leaving San Francisco Bay towards Mexico.

Details in this Class-Actions Lawsuit reveals that Carnival Corporation didn’t apply the safety precautions required for sanitizing the chip. This wasn’t exclusively while the ship was transporting passengers to their next destination, but also when the cruise liner was docked for days. Twenty-Two Tourists abroad the Grand Princess filed this Class-Action Lawsuit, noting that none of there was testing or screened before leaving & entering the boat. This means that COVID-19 was knowingly spread to multiple Island Nations in the Caribbean.

The Horror Cruise

This isn’t the 1st lawsuit directed towards the Grand Princess. Hundreds of other passengers have filed Class-Action Lawsuits through their respective governments, with the Carnival Corporation refusing to admit to their failures during litigation. Allegations from those on-board notes that 100+ passengers were confirmed with the novel coronavirus, while still being permitted to traverse the indoor quarters. Before February 21st would arrive, two passengers confirmed with the virus would be declared dead.

It’s become revealed that 1500 passengers abroad the Grand Princess contracted COVID-19 because of these failed safety protocols. Forty passengers have died & it’s expected that the collective of lawsuits issued against the Carnival Corporation will put this company into bankruptcy. However, their actions & inconsideration for passengers is deserving of these lost funds.