P&O Cruises Postpones Sailing Till 2021

Carnival Corporation & Plc have reluctantly announced that one of their subsidiaries won’t be resuming operations until January to February 2021. P&O Cruises have cancelled all booking options for later in the year, with Caribbean waters sustaining their No-Sailing Order. Itineraries with P&O Cruises were being offered for December 2020, with the United Kingdom-established operator forced to postpone their sailing ventures. Carnival Corp Plc didn’t provide the official date for P&O Cruises operational return.

An official statement regarding the matter was issued on the P&O Cruises website, which states that evolving travel restrictions from the United Kingdom and Caribbean Islands have paused their operations. P&O Cruises did state that their closed itineraries are necessary to stabilize the global pandemic while requesting loyal guests for patience during the COVID-Era.

P&O Cruises remaining under the No-Sailing Order doesn’t drastically affect Carnival Corp Plc. The United Kingdom-based operator accounts for 6% of passenger capacity, which is lower than any other subsidiary under the management of Carnival Corp Plc. Financial setbacks will still be sustained for this continued shutdown of operations, which has been maintained since March 2020. There’s a possibility that P&O Cruises will remain shut down for twelve months before being permitted to resume sailing.

Carnival Corporation & Plc announced on September 15th that $2.9 Billion in losses were sustained during Q3 2020. Strategies have been put into place to ensure continued operations after the pandemic, with Carnival Corp Plc offering $1 Billion worth of common stocks to global investors. These notable losses come after several setbacks for Carnival, which has worked diligently to resume sailing in North America.

Setbacks & Revivals

A notable setback for Carnival Corporation & Plc was Aida Cruises being informed their resumed sailing won’t be permitted. It’d initially been allowed by the German Government for Aida Cruises to continue operations, which was then postponed amid increased infections.

That postponement was offset by the returned sailing of Costa Cruises in Italy, which operates a small percentage of its fleet for Italian guests. There haven’t been any outbreaks on Costa Cruises to date, which would destroy the brand after the infamous “Costa Concordia” sank in January 2012. The cruise line has struggled to regain prominence since that event.