Planning Meals for Sailing Season

Eating right is one of the key factors for any sport, even the ones that don’t really demand as much physically. With sailing, there’s a lot of physical work involved, making the nutrition you get in a critical part to perform at your best.

We’ve all heard that workouts are the most important and you need to maintain a healthy body to be a top sailor but to do those workouts and get the most out of each session, you’ll have to provide your body with the fuel it needs.

While you’re at home, it’s a lot easier to keep up with a healthy diet as you have the advantage of planning your meals ahead and eating at specific times. However, going away from anything from a day to more than a week for sailing doesn’t always allow the luxury, which is why you have you ensure the best foods are easily accessible by packing it in such a way that you can just grab it while you’re busy.

Below, we look at some of the foods that are most recommended for sailors. Not only are these good for you, but they boost your energy and allow you to perform at the highest possible peak for longer.


We all know that sailing events are busy and as a sailor, you might not have the time to sit down and have a decent meal. Therefore, we recommend packing a snack bag that you can keep with your gear and dig into when you’re feeling a little hungry and down on energy.

Luckily, there are loads of options to choose from and many professionals actually mix them up for a well-balanced range of snacks with everything you need. Be sure to include veggies (carrots, broccoli, celery) in your pack. It’s best to keep these fresh and eat them raw as it gives you all the nutrition you need. Adding fruit, dehydrated fruit, nuts, jerky, granola bars and trail mix would ensure your snack pack has everything you need.

Planning Ahead

Other than your snack packs, you don’t really have control over what you’ll eat, especially not if you’re going sailing in another country. However, there are ways to keep up with what’s available by simply doing some research. Have a look at restaurant menus, local markets and be sure to talk to other sailors and find out what they eat in the area.

It’s important to know what’s there so you can plan your meals and that you know where to go to get the foods you need to the most for the season.

Don’t Change the Foods

Trying something new is always exciting, but this is the worst thing you can do while on a sailing trip. It’s best to stick to the foods you know and the ones that already form part of your diet as it ensures your body doesn’t have to deal with something new, which might just have a negative reaction.