Cruise Industry Begins Lobbying to Lift Restrictions

An emergency teleconference was managed by the Cruise Lines International Association over the weekend. Considered the most prominent regulator of cruising, the CLIA requested assistance from largescale operators to implement lobbyist strategies. CLIA Media Personnel didn’t provide details on which brands were contacted. It’s safe to assume that Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and […]

Birka Cruises Shuts Down Amid COVID-19

We’ve discussed diligently how the novel coronavirus pandemic is inflicting financial burdens onto all operators in the cruising industry. Largescale operators like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and Norwegian have sustained their losses by reserve funds & other methods of earning profits during a pandemic. Smaller cruise lines haven’t been permitted this profitable opportunity, with another […]

European Union Makes Demands to Cruise Industry

The European Union has introduced guidance Measures for the Cruising Industry. These are recommendations for corporations like Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Designers of these measures hope that corporations will implement their recommendations, which ensure the safety & survival of onboard passengers. There’s a substantial chance that the European Union’s Guidance Measures […]

Carnival Selling Six Cruise Ships

Shocking advancements in the 2020 Cruising Industry have been confirmed. It was announced on June 19th that Carnival would sell a portion of their fleet, accounting for significant losses that’ve been sustained during the coronavirus pandemic. Carnival Cruises Ltd saw their funds deplete by $4.4 Billion in three months. It’s the most significant drop industry-wide […]

Variety Cruises Restarting Operations on July 24th

Vacations on the open waters aren’t specified towards large vessels, with a percentage of cruisers selecting smaller ships to enjoy their time off. The coronavirus pandemic forced companies operating these yachts, with small footprints not allowing these vessels to obtain the title of a cruise ship. Those that support this form of vacationing have desperately […]

Princess & Carnival Cruise Lines Sued in Los Angeles

The novel coronavirus infected millions worldwide, with a large percentage of these confirmed contractions leading back to cruise liners worldwide. It’s prompted multiple civilians to issue Class-Action Lawsuits in notable cruising zones in America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. The most recent was released through the Los Angeles Supreme Court & indicates the Carnival Corporation, which […]

Canada Extends Cruise Ship Embargo

The embargos placed onto the cruise ship industry are continuing to extend worldwide. Canada confirmed their extension, which will remain active until October 31st. This means that cruise maintaining more than 100 passengers will be prohibited from sailing in Canadian Waters. This has terminated the chances of journey occurring throughout Canada from June to September. […]

Australia Extends Ban on Cruise Ships

The Australian government disappointed international tourists on May 22nd, announcing an extension on the “Cruise Ship COVID-19 Ban”. Their announcement comes after multiple nations confirmed their ports were shut down to all services not deemed essential to daily life. Governments worldwide were forced to make these extensions after companies like the Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and […]

Carnival Cruise Bookings Surge by 600%

There have been countless horror stories regarding standard cruise ships amidst the novel coronavirus. With each of these vessels experiencing their respective outbreaks of COVID-19, prompting a significant level of online hatred towards these companies when it was announced they’d return to sailing by Summer 2020. The 1st to announce their return was Carnival Cruise […]

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